Noise Reduction Device


Noise gives such remarkable interferences as malfunction, destruction, etc. to every electronic device, especially computers and digital type machinery. "Noise Reduction Device" prevents various machinery from this noise. The invasive way of noise is generally two. One is radiation, and noise invades the damaged machinery by flying in the air from the source of its generation. It is called as radiation noise. Another is conduction, and noise invades the damaged machinery by flowing in the leading wire and construct which are good conductors of current, from the source of its generation. It is called as line noise.

"Noise Reduction Device" shuts harmful line noise off by means being inserted in the leading wire way between the source of noise generation and the damaged part of machinery, and has the fundamental waves of needful power and signal passed. In line noise, the noise which flows one line of leading wires as going way and another line as homeward way is called as normal mode, and what flows both lines as going way and earth as homeward way is called common mode. "Noise Reduction Device" shuts both off.

Conventional insulating transformer and shielded transformer cannot shut normal mode off, namely have it passed. However, "Noise Reduction Device" of transformer type can shut normal mode off, and also, can completely shut common mode off by itself. "Noise Reduction Device" differs from what is added LC filter, arrester, varistor, etc. to. "Noise Reduction Device" has the surest effect and highest reliance in today's line noise suppressors.